Things to Consider Before Adopting A Pet
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Things to Consider Before Adopting A Pet

an article about pet adoption.

Animals can be great additions to any person's life. They bring joy and campaionship to people's lives. Animals can make people lives feel full and happy. Taking care of a pet, though can be very taxing and filled with numerous responsibilities. People need to be fully aware of every aspect of animal care before pet adoption.

People need to make sure they have enough time to devote to their pets lives. If a person keeps a pet alone in the house or the apartment it is not good for the emotional health of your pet. Dogs, especially need humans and can sulk being without human contact. Many people have fast paced lives filled with work, social, and family comittments. Pets are not accessories like a purse or a sweater, they are living, breathing creatures who need humans to survive.

Money is another part of pet care. Animals need food, some need cages like gerbils or hamsters. Pets need collars and shots. When a pet matures they need to be nutered or spaded to prevent more animals in the neighborhood. Puppies especially have a high exchange rate because they are harder to train. They often chew on shoes or furniture or they releve themselves on rugs or carpet. Potty training takes weeks and even months. Some people give up before a pet reaches full maturity. When puppies or kittens outgrow their cute stages people often feel the need to give them away, and a few people do the unthinkable and just drop them off on an abandon highway.

When a person is choosing a pet they need to decide if that pet is good for their overall lifestyle. If a person has young children some pets are not conducive to their young brains, and the animals can even hurt them physically. Older people also have a harder time giving proper care to animals.

Dogs especially need space to run and play. A big yard is essential to an animal's happy life. They need regular walks to keep them healthy. This takes selected time in a person's schedules.

Pets need medication for ringworm and fleas. Ringworm can passed onto humans and at times can be difficult to treat. Pets need regular vet visits to the vets to treat the occasional sickness or injury. Time and money are needed for this too. When deciding to adopt a pet, consider these facts.

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Comments (5)

Very important things to consider.

These are such important tips to consider. I wish every would be pet owner would read this first! Thanks for the great article.

Ranked #11 in Pets & Family

Thank you for the nice comments!

I totally agree. I love pets, but it is important to think of the pet's good, not just my own pleasure. Good article! :)

Ranked #11 in Pets & Family

thank you!