Some Simple Tips on How to Pet-Proof Your Home And Christmas Tree
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Some Simple Tips on How to Pet-Proof Your Home And Christmas Tree

The holidays are a fun and hectic time for all. When it comes to the pets, it is important to decorate in a safe manner. Be sure to pet proof your home during the holidays.

The holidays are a beautiful time of the year with all the bright lights, decorations, decorated Christmas trees, music and times with family and friends. Along with the festivities comes the stress and tension while getting prepared. When you have children it is only natural to child-proof the home, yet any pets in the family seem to be forgotten amidst the hustle and bustle of the season.

Pets are very inquisitive creatures and try as we may to train them, you can’t take the chance at one time or another that their curiosity may get the better of them. Of course, pet-proofing you home can vary greatly as a dog owner versus a cat owner. Kitties love to climb and nothing seems to be out of their reach. The cat pet parent has to be a lot more observant of where kitty is pretty much all the time.

Generally, if you have a pet, especially one celebrating its first Christmas, take special care when it comes to lights, glass ornaments, tinsel, Christmas plants, foods and other toxic décor. Unless it is a brand new kitty or puppy, you know just how courageous your own pet can be and how cautious you need to be. I have 3 darling little dogs that don’t seem to have much of a fascination with the Christmas tree (at least until their gifts went under.) I did have a Golden that did love the manger under the tree, though, and would love to regularly sniff at and knock over the figures, walk around with them in her mouth and bring them to me as if to say “Look I got, mom.” I had to rearrange that manger on a daily basis. I surely am very careful when it comes to food lying around because, I have to admit, my pups don’t always have the best of manners. One can never be too cautious to protect your pet’s safety.

It is best to keep unsafe items out of the reach of your pets. Place light strands and cords away from your pet’s vision and reach while securing any excess in a safe manner. Protect any access to the outlets as well. When it comes to the tree, place the lights as well as glass ornaments and toxic décor away from the bottom areas where pets can reach. The fancier, more delicate ornaments can be placed higher on the tree. Be sure your pet cannot access any tinsel that can be swallowed, tying up their intestines. Better yet, refrain from using tinsel altogether – there are so many beautiful alternatives for a lovely Christmas tree.

When it comes to foods, keep them in secure containers until time to serve. Never leave the pets unattended around temptations. During the holiday gatherings, be sure to inform all guests not to give your pets any people foods. An unsuspecting person can give your pet something that can be toxic and harmful and cause discomfort and illness to your pet’s delicate system.

When bringing poinsettias or other Christmas plants into your home, take care in keeping them out of reach as well. If you choose to have a live Christmas tree, monitor your dog from drinking the water that keeps that tree fresh. Some pets love to chew on limbs and branches so keep your pet from gnawing on your tree. Aside from possibly swallowing pine needles, the fir tree oils can be irritating to the mouth tissue causing such symptoms as drooling and vomiting.

There is a lot to consider when decorating a home with inquisitive, prowling animals. After all, you want to provide a safe environment for all who dwell within. Have a very happy healthy and safe holiday season with friends and family, including the beloved pet family members.


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Great article for pet owners at this time of year. Well done.

Nice article. Voted!