Pros and Cons of Giving Pets As a Christmas Present
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Pros and Cons of Giving Pets As a Christmas Present

Giving pets as a Christmas present is not the best option. Choosing a pet as a gift can be hazardous for the pet during the hustle and bustle of the holiday. There are other options to giving a live pet as a gift during the holiday season.

What would seem more special than, on Christmas morning, you run to the tree and find something in a special package with a big red bow? You may wonder, “What is that squeaky sound?” Is one of those packages with the big red bow voice activated? Is it a new game, a new toy or good it be something alive, trying to get to the presents first? The box seems to be moving so you untie that pretty bow to discover a new puppy inside, waiting to give you lots of love and kisses. Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift on that special morning. This is the scene we all remember from “Lady and the Tramp” but in reality is that the best option for that new family member. You finish opening your remaining gifts, enjoy a Christmas breakfast and get ready for the other festivities of the day with family and friends. That new live Christmas gift is already tossed aside in the midst of the hustle and bustle. That may work for a toy or purse but not a new live pet.

A new pet right on the holiday is not a good idea because of the stress of the season. As we plan the dinner, open other gifts, go visiting, have guests over, where does this new pet fit in? The new pet can get distressed or frightened. A new baby is time consuming and requires constant potty training, feeding, playtime, naps and more playtimes. Left unattended new pet can get in trouble, get sick or get hurt.

If the kids are yearning for a new pet for Christmas there are ways to make it happen without bringing the new pet home until life is back to normal after the holidays. In order to bring a new pet into the home around the holiday season, try planning the actual adoption process after the height of the holiday season. You can still fulfill your kid’s dreams in a safe manner for all concerned, especially a new family member. The better option is to choose your pet, leave a deposit on it and pick it up, with the kids, after the holidays are over. Following are some other gift ideas to make it a special Christmas --

• There can still be that special package under the tree, except the live gift will be left as an I.O.U. gift. Put pictures of the new pet inside the box, along with a book on how to care for it, plus toys, food dishes, blankets and other accessories. You can be sure the kids are going to be just as excited as it will get them through the holidays with something to really look forward to -- being more prepared for the new addition.

• You can make the gift even more fun by adding a little stuffed animal, a toy pet pal or a cyber-pet. Use your imagination and make it the gift fun. Along with pictures of the new pet coming home, include a gift certificate for the kids to go to the pet store and pick out some pet supplies themselves. In the long run you are giving them something to look forward to as instilling some responsibilities that go along with being a pet parent.

• If a particular pet has not been selected but you have chosen a breeder with kittens or puppies, get pictures of the litter if possible. Put together a present containing the pictures and the gift certificate for the kids to pick out the new pet themselves. You can also include a gift certificate for the much needed supplies for the new family member. This gets the kids totally involved in their new Christmas gift.

The bottom line is that it is too hard to bring a puppy, kitty or other pet into the home on Christmas. It takes away from the necessities and needs of the pet, putting that new life in danger. With a little planning and ingenuity, the gesture can still be there to fulfill the kids’ needs and dreams.


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