Looking for the Right Dog? How About a Pomeranian?
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Looking for the Right Dog? How About a Pomeranian?

Facts about pomeranians if anyone's looking for a new addition to the family or household.

Are you and or your family looking for a new house pet? Well how about a Pomeranian? They're small, cute, loveable fluffy dogs for just about anyone. Pomeranians, as known as pom poms, are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, and are extremely lively and devoted dogs. They are highly intelligent, eager to learn, and love to work. Poms are a happy and relatively friendly breed, but they are known to be temperamental at times. Poms have an attitude that is much larger than their size. Pomeranians make excellent companions, and are the perfect addition to any family when trained properly. Poms have plenty of energy and aren't afraid to use it. They are not the type of dog to laze around, and enjoy staying active whenever they can. Therefore, regardless of where you live, Poms will find ways to get the exercise they need, as they are extremely active indoors. But you still should take your pom out for walks to get any excess energy out. Furthermore, although Pomeranians don’t mind children, they are temperamental and can easily become overwhelmed if very young children pay them too much attention. This attention may make the dog nervous and cause him to become snappy. Aside from children, Poms are known to get along well with other pets, especially their fellow canines. However, should a Pom feel threatened by a larger dog, they won’t think twice about attacking and defending themselves or their owner, as they are not aware of their own size. Therefore, it’s your job to keep your Pom out of danger and trouble. This can easily be done through proper training, which will give you the right control over the dog. Speaking of training, Pomeranians are quick learners. That being said, it is imperative that the Pomeranian is taught that their owner is boss. If you let a Pomeranian walk all over you, he’ll no longer listen to you, and become extremely possessive and demanding of you. In addition, a Pomeranian should also be well socialized, or he could become suspicious or show aggression towards strangers. These dogs  love to bark, which makes them excellent watchdogs. On the other hand, if you let the barking get out of control, it won’t be long before the barking wears your patience.Poms have a long double coat that requires frequent brushing (every day). And they need washed once every week. After you're done washing, you should blow dry your pom all around very good, to show off it's nice, shiny coat. Pomeranians live an average of 12 – 16 years. So if you are looking for a new addition to the family or household, try a Pomeranian.

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