How to Use Oster Blades If You Are Grooming Your Pet
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How to Use Oster Blades If You Are Grooming Your Pet

Most people leave it up to the professionals to groom their pets. Some pet parents try and save money by doing it themselves. In order to groom your own pet it is important that you have the right clippers and learn how to use them and the oster blades.

Whether you are a pet groomer or a pet parent that self-grooms your dog, one of the most important tools you will need is a good pair of clippers and clipper blades. Oster is one of the most popular and effective brand in pet supply tools, as well as Andis. Oster blades are quite versatile and will fit on both the Oster and Andis brands of clippers. Even as a novice, you can learn how to use the Oster blades if you are grooming your own pet. There are multiple uses for these blades whether it is for personal human use or on pets, farm animals and more. With proper care and maintenance, the Oster blades will give you several years of great service.

The first step in proper use is to learn the proper way to hold the clippers. Take the clippers in your hand with the front facing you and use the flat-head screwdriver to lift the rectangle metal bracket on the top of the clipper. The bracket will be at an angle and this is where the blade will be placed.

The next step is to take the blade, teeth facing forward and down and slip the back groove of the blade over the angled bracket of the clipper.

Proceed to turn the clipper on and push down on the blade so that it is sitting in position on the clipper. Turn off your clippers until ready for use.

Spray your blade with clipper cool while in use to keep it cool to the touch while lubricating the blade and clippers, as well. You can do so while the clipper is still running, taking care to turn away from the subject you are working on at the time.

After each use, remove the blade from the clippers and clean out any residual hair with a utility or tiny tooth brush.

Turn over your blade and slide the back to the side without taking it completely off its rail. Use some clipper oil which comes in an applicator tube and apply oil to the rail on both the top and bottom. Slide the blade back into place and store for your next use.

Additional tips in using your clippers and the Oster blades - Depending on how often you use your Oster blades, they will need to be sharpened every three to six months.

Blades, clippers and the maintenance supplies can be purchased at your larger pet retail stores.

For regular blade use, remember that the higher the number of the blade, the shorter the haircut.


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