How to Train Your Dog to Sit, Shake and Lay Down
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How to Train Your Dog to Sit, Shake and Lay Down

Training a new puppy can have it's challenges, these tips and helpful tricks will ensure you will have no trouble teaching your new addition how to sit, shake and lay down. By using repetition and rewarding, your dog will be eager to learn and be rewarded. In turn, you will be rewarded by having a well trained dog.

Man's best friend going as far back as anyone remembers, the dog. Obedient, loyal, protective; these creatures have proven over centuries to remain faithful to man as a companion. Having a well trained dog shows that relationship between us. This article will aim to inform you of how to teach your dog 3 basic tricks and easy tips on how to teach them. All you need is a little time to dedicate daily and plenty of small bite-sized treats.

  Sit Down

The first trick to teach will always seem the hardest. Teaching a puppy who seemingly only wants to gnaw at the furniture (and my slippers) can seem like a task at first. Training a dog is more about repetition and reward than anything else. It can help to use hand gestures for each command you wish to teach. Point the dog at the rear of the dog and give the command to sit. Of course, you will have to help and show what it is you wish for them to do, but having established a gesture and command you will find your dog easily remembers. After you seat your dog tell him/her again, this is sit and give a reward for sitting. It will take some effort and several days of repetition and reward before you see the fruit of your labor.


By this point, you should be proud of your pup and her first learning milestone. Before moving on it's important you don't feel like you are teaching too many commands at once, this can easily confuse your dog and you may find him/her playing dead when you asked to shake. For shake, hold the treat in one hand where your dog can see, and your other hand by their paw. Make the moving gesture for shake and repeat the command several times before picking his/her paw up to shake it. Give the treat while paw is in hand and repeating the command, Shake.

  Lay Down


So you have a dog with exceptional learning skills and wish to teach the must know command, lay down. Warm your dog up with the tricks you have already learned together, once you get to the end, like teaching to shake, hold the treat in on hand where your dog can see and use your other hand to point and tap at the ground and give the command, shake. After the blank stare, gently grab both front paws and slide them forward to make him/her lay. While on the ground remind of the command and reward.

After building trust with your dog training to do more tricks will only become easier. It's important not to overload with too many commands and make sure you are confident in your dog's understanding of the command before moving to another. After all the only thing they are thinking about is the treat in your hand.

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