How to Know Pros and Cons of a Kennel or Pet Sitter for the Christmas Holiday
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How to Know Pros and Cons of a Kennel or Pet Sitter for the Christmas Holiday

It is always difficult to leave your dog behind during the holidays. Do your research to know the pros and cons -- should you leave your dog at a dog kennel or hire a pet sitter or family member to come to your home and care for your dog or cat.

The holidays are for celebrations, family, friends and fun. Family get-togethers may include a car ride but most often involving further travel, usually by plane. Sometimes the four-legged family members cannot feasibly make the trip. In the best interest of your beloved pet, you have the task of making a decision – pet sitter or dog kennel and the pros and cons of either.

It may be true that it is difficult to have someone come into your home that you do not know well so finding someone you know and trust is important in finding a pet sitter. Finding a kennel you trust involves a lot more work and research. Many of you, I am sure, have heard enough horror stories of dogs and cats not getting the proper care they need in kennels as well as contracting diseases and kennel cough. Obviously not all kennels provide inadequate care of your pet which is why you must do research, get references, visit the kennels unexpectedly and often. After all, this is a family member you are leaving in their care. Some dogs, in fact, get very stressed out in a kennel situation, so this is something to consider with your dog’s particular needs. A stressed dog can become ill with vomiting and diarrhea. Unless you find a kennel that is more like home with a great reputation, consider finding a trusting neighbor, friend or family member to care for your precious pet. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, one thing you want is to know your pet is safe and sound, and in good hands.

Choosing a pet sitter over a kennel has many advantages both for your piece of mind and the safety of your pet. Leaving a pet in a strange place causes a lot of apprehension and anxieties for your dog or cat. Staying in the home that they are comfortable in and used to can be quite relieving. Your pet will have its own bed, food dish, water bowl, its own yard to relieve itself and all familiar surroundings, toys and treats.

If you are left with choosing a professional pet sitter, there is much more to consider as in choosing a kennel. It is always tough to know who you would trust into your home aside from a personal friend or family member. Finding a good sitter means research or referrals. Ask around to other pet parents; ask a groomer, your veterinarian or any other person in the pet field. Even with recommendations, be sure to check out the sitter personally as far as background, licensing, if the sitter is insured and bonded, and visit and/or call that sitter several times before making your decision.

It is a difficult decision to leave your pets behind. We have small dogs and usually try to take them with us when traveling. If you must leave your pets behind and someone is left to care for your pets, be sure it is someone that you trust totally. Your holidays will be happier knowing that your beloved pets are in good hands and well taken care of.


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