How The Important Works of Animal Shelters Have Improved Over the Years
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How The Important Works of Animal Shelters Have Improved Over the Years

Animal shelters and those within do such wonderful work to care for the unfortunate animals within. Over the years, these shelters have improved to make the adoption process and care of the animals daily is a more pleasant experience.

Watching television I am sure you have noted the horrifying conditions that many animals endure in shelters. Many shelters at one time or another destroyed animals if not adopted by a certain time, which such a sad situation. Most shelters are what they call no-kill safe havens for animals. With the constant increase in homeless, feral and unwanted pets, animal shelters and adoption agencies are a growing trend across the country. In fact, many loving pets end up without a home because of our failing economy. Some families are forced out of their homes and become faced with the difficult decision to give up their pets. Many rental places will not allow them which break my heart – personally. You see, we too were forced out of our home. I could not give up our dogs, though, and it took quite some time to find a wonderful landlord with compassion. It is fortunate, though, that we do have these shelters to help all homeless pets, despite their reason for being there. The staffs at these facilities are very special people who give so much of themselves and their time in the best interest of the animals they love and care for. They often need help, support and donations in order to provide homes for unwanted pets. Many of these shelters work hard to improve their facilities and the adoptions of homeless animals in their care. Over the years, through the important work of these shelters, the facilities and their process of adoption have improved.

The objective of most shelters is finding permanent homes for animals in a no-kill environment. Other goals are to improve quality of food and medical care they provide for the residents and a cleaner environment while they await the adoption of a new family. New play and exercise areas are incorporated into many shelters to provide happy retreats for pets in waiting.

In order to improve the adoption process, most shelters are providing socialization and training for dogs to make them more adaptable to their new family. When a pet is selected for adoption, they are met with the new family in a common area or the socialization room to see how well the family works together. To promote pet adoptions, pets are brought to a busy area for excess visibility by prospective adopters. Some shelters extend hours, making pets more readily available for adoption. Shelters work closely with local veterinarians to keep homeless pets healthy. They also work to cut down population through spay and neuter programs.

Another way that many shelters have improved is by providing a special room which simulates the look of a real home environment. The pet is introduced to the environment gradually to get it accustomed to a home space prior to adoption. All efforts are made to make the transition of the new pet and family as easy as possible. With their improved health care of their animals, socializing and training provided by shelters, resident pets have better chances of finding permanent homes. We should all be grateful for the outstanding love, support and work of the people in animal shelters and adoption agencies across the country. Help them to keep up the good work with your support and care.

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