Family Photos Should Include Our Pets
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Family Photos Should Include Our Pets

Taking pictures of your pets can be quite a challenge. As much as we love them, we want to show them off and have memories as well. With these little tips you may be able to get some great photos . . .

Taking a family photo with the pets, of course, can be a challenge, especially if you have more than one. You can one, or even two of them sitting nice, ready to pose . . . but to get all of them takes close to a miracle. Or you get them all sitting nice and just as you click, one of them runs off. What can one do to get a perfect picture of all those you love, including your favorite pet family members? There are some steps we can follow and I hope these may help you in getting the perfect shot of all your family members. Follow these tips and get the best Christmas photo to last a lifetime –

• Plan the photo shoot ahead of time with location, time, date and the necessary “photographer” equipped with camera, batteries, etc. You don’t want to run out of something just as all the pets are saying “cheese”.

• Plan the attire for all involved ahead of time. That includes the pets. If you have a dark colored pets, choose light colors and vice versa. Be sure all colors complement each other and the photo background.

• If you are dressing the pet in a holiday outfit, be sure he/she is used to it prior to the photo shoot. Reward your pet for good behavior after putting on the outfit to encourage the performance in time of need (when taking the photo).

• Consider the photo location and your pet. Some pets may not be comfortable going to a photo studio or anywhere around distractions. Home may be the best and most comfortable option, with holiday décor in the background.

• If the photo includes family members rather than just the pets, be sure the pets are comfortable with and around those in the photo. Otherwise they will be apt to “leave the scene” before it is time to do so.

• The main thing is getting the pets attention on the photographer whether it be with squeak toys, string, clapping, treats, whatever would work.

• If you are taking the photos yourself, use a digital camera and take a lot of shots, both posed and impromptu shots. You never know which ones will take and which ones did not quite work out. With a ton of shots you are guaranteed to get some good photos.

• Very important, keep the experience low keyed as pets respond to stress and negativity. Patience is definitely a virtue here, I can promise you that . . . from experience. Don’t yell and lose your cool or you will also lose your “models” for the photos.

• Consider the best angle for the photos, usually at eye level and choose a fast shutter speed or high speed film in case the pet moves . . . and you know they will.

I am not saying it will be an easy task . . . it will take a lot of patience to get the perfect photo you want with your pets. I would say, plan several different photo shoots of your pets, make it as calm experience as you can, painless and without stress, reward the pet for staying in the spot you put him/her for the photo and take a lot of shots. You are bound to get a photo that you will be proud to put on that Christmas card.

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