Best Exotic Pets for Children
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Best Exotic Pets for Children

Most children want a pet. Sometimes your child will not want a dog or cat but an exotic pet. There are many great exotic pets that are suitable for children. Hamsters and rats are very popular for some children. Other children might be happier with a lizard or snake. The coices are endless. It is very important that your choose a pet the suits your child so they will be happy with it.

When you decide to get a pet for your child take your time and choose the right pet.  Sometime certain pets are just not suited for certain children.  If your child wants an exotic pet you must be sure to get the right one.  Take your child to a pet store and let them check out the different pets available.

Hamsters are a great pet for a child as they are fairly easy to care for.  Just about all a hamster needs is to be given food and water once a day.  They must also keep the pet hamster’s cage clean.

Syrian hamsters are great pets for children.  Syrian hamsters must be kept alone as they will fight if another hamster is in the cage.  Syrian hamsters sleep during the day and they stay curled up in their nest but they will be very active early in the morning an in the evening as they will be looking for food.  Syrian hamsters have cheek pouches and they load them up with food and take it back to their bed area.  Children get a big kick out of watching them do this and so will you.

Some children will love to have a scorpion as a pet and scorpion do make very interesting pets and are easy to care for.  Scorpions will cause some extra work for your child as they must have the correct humidity level at all times.  Scorpions are hunters in the wild and when they are kept as pets they eat crickets and locust.  It is believed by some people that it is best to feed pet scorpions at night. This works out well for your child.  Before you get a scorpion for your child check them out as some scorpions are quite large.

The best scorpions for children are the Emperor, Thai Black and Japanese Jungle Scorpion.  Choose your child’s new pet scorpion carefully.

Rats make great pets for children as rats are smart, docile and very loveable.  You may be repulsed at the idea of having a rat as a pet in your home but they do make great pets.  Your child will love a rat as a pet because rats can be taught tricks and they love attention.  Rats are very easy to care for.  Your child will be entertained for hours playing with their pet rat.

If your child wants a reptile as a pet a leopard gecko would be a perfect choice.  They are a small lizard and they are easy to care for.  Leopard geckos are known for being docile and they can be handled with care.  Leopard geckos are very entertaining.  Your child will get a lot of enjoyment out of having a Leopard gecko as a pet.

Madagascar Hissing cockroaches are another great pet for children.  They do not require any special care and they can be handled by your child as most of them are very docile.  They are not what you could call cute but they are a lot of fun and quite entertaining.

If your child wants a snake the corn snake would be a perfect choice.  Most of the smaller snakes are easy to care for and do not require much special care.  It is very important that their cage is escape proof as all snakes are escape artists and the corn snake is no exception.  The corn snake is easy to tame.  Corn snakes live about 12 years and they can grow to be 6 feet long.  If your child likes snakes they will love a corn snake as a pet.

When you pick an exotic pet for your child take your time and get a pet your child will be happy with for a long time.

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Rule of thumb, no child should be considered the owner of any pet. If a parent is not willing to help care for the pet - DO NOT get one.