Be Aware of Some of the Dangers to Pets During the Holidays and Christmas
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Be Aware of Some of the Dangers to Pets During the Holidays and Christmas

Pets are a huge part of the family unit. As such, it is important to celebrate your pet's life each year. We all celebrate our own life and birthday and many people do the same with their beloved pets. There are ways that you can celebrate your own dog or cats birthday each year

Christmas is a stressful time for all of us with planning, shopping and decorating while preparing for the celebrations. Sometimes the pets are forgotten amidst all the hustle and bustle and that can become a dangerous situation. During this stressful time it is important that you are aware of holiday hazards and dangers that can affect your dog. Some of the pet dangers during the holidays which frequently warrant a veterinarian visit during this busy season are –

• Car accidents – in our hurried lives you are in and out constantly, working, shopping, decorating and more. Take care when going in and out of the door and never leave your dog outside to do its business without being leashed. The best-behaved dog may see another dog or critter and choose to chase it, putting itself in danger of being hit by a car.

• Toxic plants – There are several types of plants around the holidays that are beautiful and festive for us but can be toxic to our pets. Some of those holiday plants we all love are the Poinsettia, Holly, Mistletoe and pine needles from the Christmas trees. Ingestion of these plants can cause irritation in the mouth as well as stomach distress, vomiting, diarrhea and more. It does not mean you cannot enjoy the things you love at this time of year but you must be sure to take precautions and monitor your pets around the plants. If the plants are well maintained, less leaves and pine needles will fall, causing less temptation to your pet.

• Getting into the trash – There are all kinds of goodies in the trash that can cause great distress for your pet. Leftover food on plates from parties, cookie crumbs, old leaves and branches from the tree, as well as plastic wrap, foil, chicken bones and so much more. Be sure the trash is securely out of reach of your pets during the holidays and at all times, for that matter.

• Tinsel and ornaments – Tinsel can be one of the most hazardous decorations for your pet. If a pet eats the tinsel, it can get wrapped around your pet’s intestines, causing grave damage for your pet. You must also be aware of the dangers of colorful glass, aluminum and foil ornaments which attract your pet. Place those types of ornaments higher up on the tree away from the pets view and reach.

• Electrocution and holiday lighting or candles – Take special care in keeping cords from Christmas lights out of the temptation of your pets. Either cover them with rugs or tack them up out of view. If your pet sees a wire hanging around it may feel the need to chew on it, causing electrocution or worse. Pets are also attracted to the flickering light of the lit candle. Never, ever leave a lit candle unattended.

• Gift wrap ribbons – Just as with tinsel, ribbon can be ingested which can cause choking as well as get bound and entangled within the intestines, requiring surgery for removal.

• Toxic foods – Some of the festivities that we indulge in can be toxic to our pets, such as chocolate to begin with. Fat trimmings off the bones are not a good choice for your pet either. Many pets are allergic to nuts and it is best to refrain from giving your pets treats that may have nuts in them. It is best, as well, to inform all of your guests that enter the home not to feed your dog or cat any type of treat. The best way to show your pet what it means to you and the family is through lots of love and attention, not people foods and treats.

It is normal to get caught up in the stresses and demands of the holiday season and just as you would protect your children at this time of year, protect and love your pets as well.


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