Are You a Cat Person or Are You a Dog Person?
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Are You a Cat Person or Are You a Dog Person?

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Which you prefer depends on may factors but cat people and dog people have distinctive personality traits just as their chosen companion animal has.

Do you prefer a dog’s outgoing personality to cat’s independence? Are you partial to your cat's silly antics and think that dogs are too rambunctious? It turns out; your answers to these questions may reveal more than you think about your own personality.

Approximately, 39 percent of all the households in The United States have one or more dogs residing in the home while only 33 percent have one or more cats residing in the home. This is where the difference begins. Most dog pet parent’s only have one dog while cat parent parents have more than one cat in their homes. Because of this difference, there are approximately 93.6 million cats to 77.5 million dogs living with loving pet parents in the U.S. today.

Dog People vs. Cat People: What’s the Difference?

Research has shown that people who love animals in general, lean towards having a cat or a dog as a companion animal in their home. Whether you are a dog person or a cat person depends on many factors. Your background, your environment, your basic personality, and your stage of life all play key roles in determining whether you adopt a cat or a dog as your companion animal.

A relatively recent study done by the University of Texas at Austin showed that 46 percent of the participants considered themselves to be “dog people,” 12 percent considered themselves to be “cat people,” 28 percent considered themselves to be both “dog and cat people,” with the remaining 15 percent considered themselves to be neither “dog nor cat people.”

The Austin study also surveyed volunteers to find out what types of personality traits were more common in self-proclaimed dog people and cat people.

Who are “dog people”?

People who characterize themselves as being “dog People”

  • Tend to be more extroverted
  • Tend to be more agreeable and they
  • Tend to be more conscientious then those who characterized themselves as being “cat people.”

Dog people tend to share these personality traits in common with their four legged companion. Dog owners tend to be more.

  • Outgoing
  • Loving
  • Loyal
  • Structured
  • Personable

Who are “cat people”?

People who characterize themselves as being “cat people”

  • Tend to be more neurotic than dog people
  • although more neurotic than dog people, cat people also tend to be more open to new experiences

Cat people tend to share these personality traits in common with their furry. Four-legged companion. Cat owners tend show more

  • Independence
  • Adaptability
  • Silly antics
  • Poise
  • Beauty

Are you a cat person? Are you a dog person?

Take a moment to think about whether you prefer dogs or cats — and have some fun with it. Do other people in your life share your preference? Now think about what these pet preferences say about you and your loved ones. Now, proclaim yourself a dog person or a cat person — and be proud of it!

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Comments (21)

I almost didn't read this because I'm one of the 15% who are neither cat or dog people, but you did a great job writing it! :) (I prefer useful animals... cows, chickens... )

I love dogs but to ownthem they are much too needy for me, so I guess I am a cat person.

I'm definitely a cat person.

I'm with Pat - I would love to have my own cow ... if it came with someone to tend it. While I have always had dogs - and large ones - I have my little black cat named Alice (after Alice in Twilight) and I love her. She is affectionate and low maintenance and I can have her in my apartment complex!

I am a DOG person and proud of it! However not the little ankle biters, you know the one's who run on batteries! (Oops that's upset a few people, sorry) I am also a horse person so I love the large breeds and my house is overrun by them! Thank's for the great article, one to certainly produce a variety of answers.


Cats vs dogs is probably one of the most popular topics of conversation :D My experience with people backs up what was written in this article. Most cat people and dog people show dominant traits listed :)

I'm a dog person, I have always loved dogs. I don't mind cats either but I find dogs more loyal.

My vote goes to the dog owners camp and I agree with Rae. Dogs make better companions and are more in tune with human emotions. Cats are more independant. Just as long as you feed and water them they do their own thing. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not my bag.

Cats, cats, and more cats! Cats are easier to take care of and I love their behaviors!

I am with the cat's side, very interesting Jerry.

It's very interesting how one's personality can lead one to value certain qualities in animals. I have to say I prefer dogs to cats. I agree with Peter above.

I'm also a dog person.. I enjoyed this article very much.

Voted up. Excellent article. I am a cat person

I love both but I do have cat instead. Thanks for sharing.

I am also a dog person. Nice share.

Great article, I love dogs, have two; Terrier and Min Pin...voted

Well, sometimes I'm a dog person and a cat at some times. Interesting.

I have always had both dogs and cats, along with horses - so that must make me "extroverted, neurotic and just plain odd".

I guess I must be in the same boat as Jill... dogs, cats, horses, cows, lambs... love them all, had them all. I prefer black labs or big cats. I'm not sure what that makes me. Very interesting article - thanks!

Although I love all animals, I'm possibly influenced by growing up with working dogs (kelpies, border collies) and having dogs as pets (fox terriers), although due to my children, later on; cats, guines pigs, rabbits, goldfish and another dog (cocker spaniel), but I must admit my favourite pet has always been a dog, and I still believe they are man's best friend. A very interesting article Jerry. Thanks!

I like both cats and dogs but over the past several years, I have not had the space really needed for a dog. I like both but for a cuddly, sit on your lap kind of pet, you just can't beat having a cat (or two, or three). In the past, I had three Aussie Shepherds (at the same time - and four acres of land!). They were wonderful dogs - very smat - and proved to be great protectors for me when I really needed them. I'd love to have them back right now!